When it comes to evaluating your central vacuum system purchase.... Caveat Emptor "Buyer Beware"

Basing your central vacuum purchase decision solely on motor performance specifications means you might be in for a surprise! Many manufacturers use inexpensive motors yet charge a premium under the disguise of high “Airwatts” (a misleading industry term to denote cleaning performance and value -See Buyers Guide Section for more info).

When choosing a premium Cana-Vac system, you can rest assured that motors chosen have been selected not exclusively based on performance specifications, but more importantly for their longevity and reliability. After all it is our reputation at stake and a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Cana-Vac XLS models offer the industry biggest and best motors available to date!

New Ametek/Lamb 6.6" and 8.4" diameter motors which utilize Infinity™ Brush technology which double the life expectancy compared to regular motors.

Aluminum, tangential exhaust motors (not plastic) for optimum durability and long lasting performance.

Build the Best Quality...because we CAN!


We believe so strongly in the our quality and of the components we use, that Cana-Vac backs it with an industry leading warranty!

Cana-Vac is the only manufacturer in the industry which offers a 6 year accessory kit warranty! Double what others offer on their electric kits.

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your complete Cana-Vac system is warrantied for as much as 20 years on XLS models, 15 years on LS and 10 years on L series.

Compare our warranty against any other manufacturer!

Offer the Best Warranty…because we CAN!

Value / Investment

A wise investment today pays dividends in the future.

Your Cana-Vac central vacuum system has been designed using the best cleaning performance technologies available striking a fine balance with longevity and reliability foremost.

Whether you plan on staying in your home for a few years or plan on staying long-term, you can rest assured that with our over 40 years of experience, you have a system that will last and continue to perform for many years of uninterupted service.

Regardless of any central vacuum system you choose, a central vacuum system is an investment that increases the value of your home as a selling feature.

Offer the Best Value…Because we CAN!