1. Select a central vacuum for your lifestyle.

Signature™ is the ideal system for mid to large sized homes.

The Signature™ series is designed for mid to large homes where families, pets, and active daily activities will push a central vacuum system day in and day out. Powered by strong motors, the Signature™ series provides heavy duty performance and longevity.

Signature™ warranty 10 years.


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Cana-vac™ is the ideal system for condos to mid-sized homes.

The Cana-vac™ series is just what a condo or mid-sized home needs to take care of those weekly cleanups. With the reliable performance of its Flow-Thru motor, it’s backed by a Rest-Easy Warranty of 10 years and features a micro-efficiency filtration system.

Cana-vac™ warranty 10 years.


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